Don’t travel alone.

On your next trip, take over 10,000 health, travel, and security professionals with you.

The next time you travel for business, pleasure, school, or to live and work abroad, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you had thousands of travel experts right there with you keeping you healthy, safe and secure? Medical professionals and doctors to help you if you had an accident, fell ill, or needed emergency medical evacuation insured. Travel personnel to help if you lost your passport or wallet. Even security experts to let you know when serious issues arise or to evacuate you if necessary.

That’s what it’s like having International SOS as your travel companion. Add in our pre-travel online tools, assistance app, and 24/7 live support and you can see why 70% of worldwide Fortune 500 companies already use International SOS. And why you should, too.

How International SOS can be the perfect travel companion for you.